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 The Creative Canine

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What Do Dogs Do When They Are Asked To Vary Their Behavior?

Elaina Franklin of Positive Solutions Animal Training collaborated with Dr. Lauren Highfill, a Comparative Psychologist, from Eckerd College to take a closer look at the canine's personality to understand individual differences with creative behaviors. Their research was published in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology. 

"Dogs Demonstrate Creativity, Too" ~ Psychology Today

"Creative Canine Gives Pups a Choice" ~ Fox 13


What would your dog do if they understood the concept that they could be creative in their response to a verbal cue? How would they vary their behavior?

Here is an example of Frankie doing "create". When given the "create" cue Frankie can do any behavior he wants to with the goal of creating a new behavior while trying to avoid repeating behaviors.


If you would like more information about "The Creative Canine" research study or the "create" behavior please email us @

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