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Puppy Right Start


Did you get a new puppy and want to make sure they are set up for success to grow up to be a well mannered dog? Or are you struggling with biting, chewing, evening zoomies, potty training and/or crate training? If so you and your pet will benefit from Puppy Right Start training. Positive Solutions Animal Training offers one on one training sessions in the convenience of your own homeThis program is for puppies that are 16 weeks and under.

The Puppy Right Start program has a heavy focus on proper puppy socialization as one of the number one causes of fear aggression in older dogs is due to incomplete or improper socialization.


Virtual training sessions

Introductory session - 90 minutes = $150

This involves Elaina serving as a mentor to you by teaching you the proper way to socialize your puppy to set your puppy up for success in the future. She will also make sure you are on the right track with potty and crate training. (Never use your crate for a time out!)  And she will teach you how to survive your puppy's biting/nipping and chewing phase.  You will receive a recap of the session in a detailed email that includes any articles and/or videos that will help with your training and email/phone support.

Follow up sessions - 60 minutes = $100 per session



You will learn about the importance of enrichment and  how to meet your dog’s mental and physical needs to help prevent future behavior problems.  You will also learn how to train basic obedience behaviors over the next few weeks & receive a detailed email outlining the steps it took to train each of the behaviors.

To find out more information or to set up an appointment please use the Contact Tab!

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