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Positive Solutions Animal Training was a dream child of Elaina Franklin. 

After working many years at facilities where her primary focus was training rescued dolphins and other sensational animals, Elaina noticed there was a growing need for her unique experience and felt that people and their family pets could benefit from her training.

She saw so many people struggle with their pets and started helping them by lending her expertise. One thing led to another and Positive Solutions Animal Training LLC was born! 

Positive Solutions Animal Training prides ourselves in working with families using positive training techniques allowing you and your pet to build strong, long lasting, relationships. 

Elaina Franklin
Founder and Owner

Elaina Franklin is the owner/trainer for Positive Solutions Animal Training and the former Supervisor of Animal Training from Clearwater Marine Aquarium.


Elaina is originally from Maryland where she started training animals in 2003 while working under a mentorship program at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, learning the training philosophies of Karen Pryor and Ken Ramirez. During this time she was also working on earning Bachelors of Science degrees in both Animal Behavior and Biology from Towson University.


From there she has gained a wealth of experience in the field of animal behavior from working at places such as dog training facilities, aquariums, kennels, veterinary hospitals and from her amazing mentors! Her experiences were not only limited to training domestic animals such as dogs and cats, but also involved training dolphins, river otters, and  nurse sharks, doing marine rescue work with dolphins, seals, and sea turtles, and husbandry work with rainforest birds, monkeys, and sloths.


She achieved her ultimate goal when she was hired by Clearwater Marine Aquarium where she worked many years as the Supervisor of Animal Training. Elaina even took on the role of training the dolphins for the Warner Bros hit movie Dolphin Tale


With over 17 years experience and such a diverse background, Elaina’s focus is behavior modification with aggressive, fearful, or anxious animals to help give them a second lease on life.  So if you have a behavior problem with your companion animal or you just want them to learn some manners give Elaina a call…she will have a positive solution!

L.A. premier – I couldn’t believe a picture of me was on the Dolphin Tale posters outside of the theater!
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