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Basic Obedience Training 

Are you getting a new puppy or dog and want to make sure they know their manners? Or do you already have a dog and you feel that they just don't listen?  If so you and your pet will benefit from basic obedience training. Positive Solutions Animal Training gives you two options to meet your needs. 

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Behavior Modification Training 

Is your pet’s behavior out of control? Or are you dealing with a fearful, anxious pet who you don't know how to handle? Maybe you just adopted a new rescue and are having a hard time figuring this pet out?  Do you find yourself frustrated and often think that you didn't sign up for this? If so you and your pet will benefit from private in-home behavior modification sessions. 

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Husbandry Training

Does it seem impossible to trim your dogs nails, clear their ears, give them eye drops or clip their hair? Is it a huge stressor just to get your pet into the vet or groomer? Do you want your pet to voluntarily participate with their medical management or grooming? If so you and your pet will benefit from husbandry training. 

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