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Husbandry Training 


Does it seem impossible to trim your cat's nails, clean their ears, give them eye drops, or brush their hair? Is it stressful to get your cat into their carrier to go to vet or groomer? Are you interested in teaching your pet cooperative vet care where they learn to voluntarily participate with their medical care? If so you and your cat will benefit from one on one training sessions in the convenience of your own home! This involves Elaina coming to your house to work with you and your cat. She will show you desensitization and counter-conditioning exercises to teach a calm response for a specific treatment or procedure.  

Husbandry training includes teaching voluntary participation for the following behaviors but is not limited to:

Nail trims

Eye drops

Ear cleaning

Ear drops

SQ fluids


Carrier training


In home training - 45-60 minute session = $100



You will receive a detailed email outlining the steps that it took to train the behavior, any articles/videos that can help with training, and email/phone support.

To find out more information or to set up an appointment please use the Contact Tab!

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