Basic Obedience Training 

Are you getting a new puppy or dog and want to make sure they know their manners? If so then your pet will benefit from basic obedience training. Positive Solutions Animal Training gives you three options to meet your needs. 

Basic obedience training includes the following behaviors:

Sit, down, stay, come, drop it, leave it, and crate training


Private-one on one sessions – this involves Elaina coming to your house to work with you and your puppy/dog. She will train the behaviors included in this program over several weeks (weekly visits) and serve as a mentor to the owner,  but it is up to the owner to provide many repetitions of the new behaviors to build a strong reinforcement history. (Think-practice makes perfect!)

First session 90-minutes = $120

You will learn how to meet your dog’s mental and physical needs to help prevent future problems and how to work on 2 basic obedience behaviors. You will receive a recap of the session in a detailed email that includes any articles and/or videos that will help with your training and email/phone support.

Follow up sessions-

Singles - 60-minutes = $90


Packages – 3 60-minute sessions = $255 ($85/session)

                      5 60-minute sessions = $400 ($80/session)

You will learn the rest of the basic obedience behaviors over the next few weeks & receive a detailed email outlining the steps it took to train each of the behaviors.

Day training- this option is for the owner who is on the go and struggles to find enough time in the day to get things done. Elaina will come to your house twice a week for four weeks while you are at work, running errands, or just out and about to work with your dog.

Package - 8 60 minute sessions = $640 ($80 per/session)

Includes a detailed training plan with articles and/or videos that will help with training, email/phone support, and video clips of what to work on.


– this involves your puppy/dog boarding at Elaina’s house and receiving her undivided attention and training 24/7 for 7 days. Your puppy/dog will come fully trained in basic obedience and Elaina will follow up at your home to teach you how to maintain the behaviors and utilize them in their daily living.

If you would like a free phone consultation to help you determine which program is right for you and your pet use the Contact Tab to set up the consultation time and day.

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